Creators, we make

self-monetizing your

video content easy

We know creating content takes time; however, making it profitable shouldn’t. Thankfully, Sponsorfunding℠ UMC ad campaigns are now available for video content Creators.

Name your own price for brand sponsorships

We keep it simple… Once sponsored, “you”

splice-insert the brand’s advertisement video into your next new video and share it… yes, it’s that simple.

How it works

4 easy steps to self-monetization.

Sponsor a world famous Digital Creator
Campaign Rate 195.00 USD
Bella's book club seeks Sponsorships
Campaign Rate 95.00 USD
Sponsor/Collab with a Miami Creator
Campaign Rate 45.00 USD
Promote your brand to my mostly Male audience
Campaign Rate 120.00 USD
Sponsor my next Business video now!
Campaign Rate 150.00 USD
Excited to help promote your brand!
Campaign Rate 300.00 USD
Campaign Rate 60.00 USD
Music Genre Campaign
Campaign Rate 30.00 USD
avatar Tnmt
0 (0)
Sponsor The New Money, The New Money Team Entertainment
Campaign Rate 45.00 USD
avatar MsFaith
0 (0)
Sponsor Ms.Faith
Campaign Rate 50.00 USD
Sponsor a beauty/fashion creator!
Campaign Rate 150.00 USD
Sponsor for a Unique Content Creator
Campaign Rate 200.00 USD
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We make it easy for you to become a UMC (user monetized content) Creator. Once approved, simply create an ad campaign offer & short pitch introduction video, and we’ll handle the rest. We brand, publish, and promote you to potential sponsors for free.

Earn money on your terms.

Creator payout is 90%!

Produce authentic content about “you.”

Choose your desired advertiser types.

No more Coppa or Adpocalypse nightmares.

Be your own boss and sustain your creativity.

Speak directly with brand Sponsors.


Custom referral code

Become a Vambassador and earn 10% of your referred Creator friend’s future earnings!

Native reports & dashboards

There are no limitations on the number of referred Creators you may invite.


VamVam removes the hassle of Creators having to find brand Sponsors on their own. Create your ad campaign offer once; and it will continue to work for you… Forever!

Get paid upfront in one payment lump sum.

Protected payments.

Leverage your social hustle like never before.

Maintain 100% control of each pre-roll campaign.

Grow your audience.

Be discovered.

Shareable everywhere from Kookloo.