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Spirited by-laws


At VamVam, we’re creating a space for a community that wants to play a part in changing how Creators work with Advertisers. We’re inspired by each and every one of our community members. We value their perspectives, beliefs, and views—they are what makes VamVam so dynamic. In order to maintain a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone, we’ve created a set of community standards to serve as a moral compass for behavior on our platform. These standards help define what is acceptable in the VamVam community and marketplace, both in face-to-face interactions and online communications. They aren’t tied to any law, but are used in good faith governance to our platform policies. They reflect our attitudes, expectations, and social norms. Our community standards are rooted in our core values — respect, safety, acceptance, support, and open-mindedness, and bound by our 5 pillars below.

Just like our community, these standards will continue to grow, evolve, and change. We encourage our community to use our reporting tools when encountering anything that is unacceptable. We want to create the best experience for all community members, and ask that you respect and follow these guidelines.

In further detail, at VamVam our community standards are bound by the following 5 spirited by-laws:

  • Transparency
  • Protection
  • Ease of use
  • Opportunity
  • Hustle

Please read and follow them. We also have formal full terms of service. But we understand that these are hard to read, digest and apply very quickly. So please see our easy steps below:

  • Be Friendly. You don’t have to be friends with the people you work with. But being friendly, polite, and courteous as a Creator or Sponsor can go a long way.
  • Be detailed. Whether you are a Creator or Sponsor, give as much information as you can. This allows the other user to have a great understanding of what you offer. It means that members can make an informed decision should something go wrong.
  • Be Accurate. We advise against making bold claims that cannot be substantiated. This can lead to real issues further down the line. Please think about this from the beginning of any ad campaign offer, Creator or transaction.
  • Be Punctual. If you say you can do something by a certain time, make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete the task. Offer quick turn arounds using the ad campaign extras. If you place an ad campaign offer order, check the fine print. Make sure you can deliver what the Creators needs before you hit buy. For example, if as a Sponsor you have purchased an ad campaign, make you have a pre-roll ad to submit to the Creator with the ad campaign offer order requirements.

If you have any other issues or suggestions regarding the community guidelines, or anything else please get in touch with us at support

The VamVam team

Still have questions? Want to know more? Issues? You may kindly reach us at support@vamvam.email

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