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Advertiser FAQs

1. Can anyone sponsor a video?

Yes! The Sponsorfunding℠ marketplace provides an easy to use marketing strategy tool that allows any company, brand, or organization to seamlessly transact directly with a content creator and independently, and permanently sponsor a video. Additionally, if you are a person or consumer that’s got a narrative, something to say, sell, announce, promote or teach; you too may sponsor a creator’s video.

2. Why choose VamVam?

VamVam’s Sponsorfunding℠ offers a new, unique marketing solution that applies modern thinking to a nostalgic advertising format; thus allowing you to achieve the highest and longest tailed digital + social media marketing returns, while receiving some of the lowest CPV rates available in video advertisement. Moreover, we’ve removed all the false hype from current traditional metrics, and focused on simplicity; allowing you to allocate ad spend with confidence. In summary, VamVam transforms your advertising transactions to be more connected, efficient and predictable.

3. Do you have setup fees or contracts?

No! VamVam is a free open to the public freelance marketplace. We do not have set up fees. No registration fees, no contracts, no subscription fees, no surprises.

4. How many campaigns may I have at any one time?

Your ad play returns are forever and permanent. It is our hope you will make our marketplace’s advertising campaigns an ongoing part of your brand’s reach strategy.

5. What kind of promo spots may I use?

Your brand’s promo spot must be in short form video format and under 60 seconds; commonly referred to as bumper or stinger ads, with the ideal sweet-spot being 8 – 30 secs time frame.

6. Is political promotional content allowed?

Yes! The VamVam Sponsorfunding℠ marketplace does allow for U.S. based political organizations to sponsor creators. Respectively, each creator has the ultimate say in what kinds of ads they will or will not accept.

7. Is mature/adult promotional content allowed?

No! The VamVam Sponsorfunding℠ marketplace does not allow for sponsorships of content with promotional content with and/or depicting nudity, mature, or sexually explicit themes. Attempting to promote such pornography may result in content and your Advertiser’s account channel terminated and permanently banned. We value the safety of our creators and advertising sponsors. We look to each of you to help us protect this unique and vibrant community. #seesomethingsaysomething

8. Is sponsoring a video easy to do?

Yes! Simply create an account, then head over to the main gallery where you may quick preview, filter any creator’s upcoming advertising campaigns. Sponsor as many creator’s campaigns as you wish, followed by express check out, and the creator will handle the rest; including updating you once your advertisement spot has been placed within their permanent campaign.

9. How much does it cost?

Excitingly, pricing to sponsor a video within VamVam’s Sponsorfunding℠ marketplace start at just $5.00, and you will transact directly with your chosen creator. However, as each creator, and video offering is different, price points to sponsor content will vary.

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