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Create your ad campaign offer

Approved… Start earning!

Ready to immerse yourself in a revolutionary new industry resource? Follow our recommendations below to start making an ad campaign offer that is sure to impress a brand Sponsor.

Don’t need the full instructions and want to jump ahead to our quick tutorial? Skip to step #3.

Nail your niche category.

We crafted VamVam to accommodate a myriad of Creator types, which is why you’ll have the opportunity to sell ad campaigns service based on a diverse array of categories. However, this also means you’ll want to be selling in the correct niche category, if you want interested brand sponsors to discover your ad campaign offer listing.  You may create as many ad campaign offers as you wish; and there are no restrictions on the number of ad campaign offers you can have “active” at any given time.  *Each ad campaign offer must however be different in price or niche, and have its own accompanying introduction video.

As you post your ad campaign offer, you’ll be able to classify your content with one of the following nine primary and sub-category list types:

  • Daily vlogs: For life events, storytimes, family, tutorials, lifestyle, travel, dating, relationship and hobby, etc.
  • Consumer: For automobile, home, business, finance, science, reviews, informational, non profit & activism and rants.
  • Entertainment: For music, comedy, pranks, spoofs, wtf, film, animation, and science & technology.
  • Pets & Animals: For dogs, cats, farm, wild, and nature.
  • Food: For cooking, ASMR, mukbangs, how to tutorials, restaurant, and food reviews.
  • Health & Beauty: For health, body & wellness, shopping, hauls, fashion, mua, hair, skincare, and how to tutorials.
  • Sports: For fitness, training, and how to tutorials.
  • News & Politics: For broadcast, interviews, satire, and podcasts.
  • Other: For any broad misc content category not contained within the above.

Choose an attractive title for your ad campaign offer.

Your introduction pitch video’s thumbnail, and title are the first thing advertising Sponsor buyers will see when browsing through the marketplace, making them one of the most crucial aspects of a successful ad campaign offer. Here are some tips we recommend following when crafting yours:

  • Optimization: Pick a thumbnail and title that matches what your true content niche is, so as not to confuse a buying advertiser.
  • Clarity: VamVam lets you use up to 80 characters in your listing title, and we recommend using that to your advantage. Be as clear as you can with your title — while remaining succinct and concise — to let potential buying Sponsors know exactly what you’re offering. The more detailed your title is; the better.

Close the deal.

If your ad campaign title and thumbnail has attracted an advertising Sponsor to your ad campaign listing; your introduction pitch video should be what pushes them to complete the purchase.

  • A winning pitch introduction video:

Video has become the number one marketing tool to convert potential sales into actual sales; as such, you should consider your introduction pitch video as your primary calling card to a potential advertising Sponsor. When creating your introduction pitch video, take the opportunity to tell your potential future Sponsors a little bit about yourself… What inspires you, what kind of content do you create, how long have you been creating, etc. You can even state what kind of pre-roll ads you will and will not accept. But most importantly, have fun with your introduction video, and place your own sauce, flavor, and individuality on it. See below example of a winning pitch introduction video. Lastly, need help with your short introduction pitch video’s script? Our team is here for you; simply reach to our support team at support@vamvam.email

  • Teleprompter

Need a free teleprompter tool? We like the Scripted.

  • Script

If we’ve sent you a simple framework script; your script may be read either verbatim (word for word), or merely used as a framework that you loosely use to guide/create your own introduction video.  Either way, just have fun!  That said, if you choose to write your own short script; the below required and suggested elements must be within your introduction pitch video.

1.   Required: You must include an exact price offer within your video.

2.   Required: You must state the type of content you create.

3.   Required: You must state an actual offer, i.e., if you pay this amount, I will in return do the following, etc.

4.   Suggested: It is a good idea to state the kinds of advertising sponsors you will and/or will not accept.

5.   Suggested: Throw in a few quaint personable mentions about you or your content. (Where do you live? Your upbringing? Family life?)

For best result outcome, your video should be filmed with optimum presentation techniques (lighting, sound, direct eye contact, etc); and within a personable, relaxed, conversational, direct to camera delivery.  Your introduction pitch video must be in mp4 or AVI format, and roughly under 70 seconds total time.

  • Video file converter

Need a free online video file type converter? We like video-converter

  • Graphics? You need NOT worry about adding graphics, framing or any effects to your introduction pitch video; as the VamVam marketplace will handle that for you. 

  • Price (how much do I charge?):

Price determination for your ad campaign offer is completely up to you.  In increments of $5 dollars, you may set your ad campaign “base” price from $5 – $500.  Ask yourself, what do you think your content can command, in balance to what other Creators within your same niche may be charging within the marketplace.  Additionally, factor in how much do you earn per video now? And most importantly, you can always re-evaluate and change your pricing… Keeping in mind, you’ll need to update your introduction pitch video too.

That said, typically Small-beginner-Creators charge per video anywhere from $5–$75, Mid-Creators: $80–$195, and Macro-Creators: $200–$500.00. Keeping in mind, you may also add-on extras to your ad campaign that a Sponsor may purchase. Adding 5 different extra add-on options can increase the cost to the Sponsor, and boost your earnings from your ad campaigns, while providing more value for your Sponsor; and may also be priced from $5.00 and up to $500.00 each.

Helpful tool tip.

  • Be detailed: After reading your description, a potential Sponsor should know exactly what they’ll get by buying your service. As such, you’ll need to lay everything out clearly and concisely — being vague could turn away potential buyers. You can use numbered bullet points, bold your words, underline your sentences or italicize a section to highlight important areas and successfully get your message across.
  • Be creative: By letting a potential Sponsor know what sets you apart from other Creators within the marketplace, you’ll be successfully painting a picture of who you are and what you offer. Make sure to talk about your unique strengths, talents and more! Of course, double-check your description to ensure it displays proper spelling and punctuation throughout.

Helpful tutorial.

Complete your buyer requirements.

When it’s time for your Sponsor to purchase your ad campaign, you’ll want to have filled out your instructions to the best of your ability. For example, “Thanks for sponsoring me. Please kindly upload your short pre-roll promo here, and/or 2nd pre-roll promo, and/or needed social media links, and/or overlay banner in the event you have purchased one of my ad campaign extras. Please message me if you have any questions.”


The final part of creating a successful ad campaign offer listing is optional, but it can be an excellent way for you to make extra earnings, while providing additional value to your Sponsor.

Remember, you’ll be able to adjust these to your liking, including how much they’ll cost your buyers. So, before you publish your listing, ensure you’ve reviewed and filled out these 5 pre-package type extras.

  • Extra fast delivery campaign
  • Add a brands social links in video comment section.
  • Brand exclusivity.
  • Add a brands popup overlay banner ( offered exclusively through your Kookloo account. You will need to create an account at Kookloo.com)
  • Add your 2nd different video promo as a mid-roll ad

Maintain efficient communication.

If you’ve followed the steps listed above, congratulations! You can finally publish your ad campaign offer and take the next step towards self-monetizing your content, and sustaining your creativity.

Our final point should come as no surprise, but it’s a crucial one, nonetheless. Once your ad campaign offer is live and ready for others to discover, you should strive to maintain communication with any prospective Sponsor. By doing so, this will establish your credibility in the long run, but also ensure you never miss out on a potential sale!

Still have questions? Want to know more? Issues? You may kindly reach us at support@vamvam.email

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