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Creator FAQs

1.a) I applied as a Creator, why have I not received a reply yet?

Congrats on taking the first step towards self-monetization of your video content. Your Creator’s account is in review status. Have you completed our mandatory short 10 point Creator’s Story / intake? Click to access intake form here: Doing so allows our review team to finalize your Creator’s application and deliver you a personalize script framework to use within your introduction pitch video. You may always reach out to support at support@vamvam.email.

1.b) Do I have to appear in both my introduction pitch video, and subsequent videos I monetize at VamVam?

Yes. “You” the Creator must be the primary entertainment value in both. Understandably, this mandate helps to ensure and authenticate that content is monetized solely by the actual Creator of such content, and no one else. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2. Is it easy to create an ad campaign offer?

Yes! Create your ad campaign and introduction video in just minutes, then we brand it, publish it, and share it to our advertising community to get you started. And the best part is; it’s absolutely 100% free to start! Get started now… Simply return to your account; navigate to campaigns/post new. Need help? Check in with Lisa for a short how/to tutorial here.

3a. What kind of video content may I monetize using Sponsorfunding℠?

All video Creator types producing new content in-which “they” are the primary focus and entertainment value are welcome to monetize with Sponsorfunding℠. Please reference the above VamVam content categories as allowable content here

3b. Am I required to create exclusive video content like at Ko-fi or Patreon for a brand’s sponsorship?

No, you are only required to create/produce new video content not currently available? In further explanation, you may NOT re-edit and splice a brand’s pre-roll into one of your older produced videos.

3c. May I monetize my video content that I later feature at Ko-fi or Patreon, etc?


4. Why VamVam?

VamVam is 100% dedicated to supporting organizations, and individuals committed to leveling the playing field within the creator-economy, and closing gaps in access, opportunity and outcome for video creators that self-monetize. VamVam gives creators all the UMC tools needed to self-monetize content – none of the obstacles.

5. What is UMC creation?

UMC (user monetized content) is Creator content of any entertainment value niche; that has been self monetized, typically with organic pre-made brand insertion techniques.

6. May I have multiple ad campaign offers in the marketplace?

No, currently each Creator is allowed just one ad campaign, of which a/any Advertiser may continually sponsor your ad campaign, and subsequent forthcoming video(s). You only need to create an ad campaign once, and you are paid each time a Sponsor purchases your ad campaign. In addition to creating a unique personable introduction pitch video, we also encourage you to consider offering additional add-on extra options to further distinguish your specific ad campaign. Adding extra add-on options can increase the cost, and boost your earnings from your ad campaigns, while providing more value for your Sponsor.

7. May I price my ad campaign as I wish?

Yes, you may price your ad campaign from $5.00 and up to $500.00 per video. And don’t forget to explore boosting your ad campaign offering by adding up to 5 different extra add-on options. Each extra may also be priced from $5.00 and up to $500.00 for a maximum campaign price of $3,000.00.

8. What is Kookloo? Why should I upload my sponsored videos?

Please read carefully… Free and open to the public, Kookloo is a modern, up and coming video sharing discovery platform; and the video hosting partner to VamVam. Any user can upload, share and watch videos in high definition (HD).

The Kookloo platform supports all major video formats, with robust simple one-click sharing to over 200 + social networks. It is highly encouraged that you upload, host, then share your sponsored videos “from” the Kookloo platform to your social networks; as Sponsorfunding℠, and/or, self monetization, and/or adding paid pre-roll inserts, and/or burning ads in, may be prohibited and/or not allowed at other video sharing/hosting platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc, and may violate those terms and services. To date, Kookloo is the world’s first, and only video sharing/hosting platform that explicitly welcomes, and allows creators to upload and host their self monetized video content. Moreover, uploading to Kookloo, then sharing from Kookloo provides a base touchpoint for your Sponsor to review your video’s performance, and viewing metrics.

9. How do I generate views for my sponsored videos, and thus keep a Sponsor happy?

Please read carefully… An advertising Sponsor is counting on your video content, and your social-hustle to generate views for their promo ad that you will splice within. Remember, every time your video content fully plays- their ad promo plays. We implore you to put your best production efforts forward every time; by creating qualitative, original content that is authentically yours. Content that an audience will want to watch because it engages and inspires them. Preferably, content that is not only uploaded to Kookloo, but also shared broadly from the Kookloo platform to your other social networks so as to generate views.

10. May I be a Creator and an Advertiser that sponsors other Creators?

Heck yeah! If you actively create content, or find yourself needing to actively promote and market online, you may do both from the same user account.

11a. May I earn additional money from referring other Creators?

Yes. As a VamVam Creator, you may utilize the Vambassador referral program which allows you to refer new Creators to the VamVam platform; and be rewarded a commission of 10% (per cent) from each referee’s monthly profits. Yes! Every VamVam creator becomes a Vambassador! Share a product that your Creator audience will love and be rewarded for it. There is no cost to become a Vambassador and no referral requirements… Just share your link and earn cash! Additional details here.

11b. May I earn referral money if I do not have an actual ad campaign offer posted within the VamVam marketplace?

Yes! Every VamVam creator becomes a Vambassador! Share a product that your Creator audience will love and be rewarded for it. 

12. Do I need to sign a contract for my Sponsorfunding℠ deals?

No. You don’t need a separate contract for your sponsorships. Once you sign up and accept the VamVam terms and services, you’re good! If you want to review the terms, you can find them here.

The terms of service provides protection and rules of engagement for both yourself, and the Advertiser. Working through VamVam means that a deal is a deal. You agree to produce content according to your ad campaign offer and instructions, and the Advertiser agrees to approve content which fulfills those conditions. This is legally binding on both sides.

13. What percentage do I earn from each completed ad campaign Video?

Creators receive 90% of their total ad campaign paid price. Including extras, you may price your ad campaigns from $5.00 upwards to $3,000. Getting accepted as a VamVam Creator grants you access to the VamVam marketplace platform to pitch to work with brand Sponsors, but it does not guarantee that brand Sponsors will accept your ad campaign offer, as that is up to the sole discretion of the brand Sponsors on the VamVam marketplace platform. As stated above, in return for all of this, VamVam receives a small 10% commission from the Creator.

14. May I monetize cover songs I do not own the rights to?

No. Sponsorfunding℠ currently strictly only allows for monetization of self generated, and original musical content… In detail, you may only monetize musical content that you compose, and/or write, and/or arrange and perform in as the primary featured talent. In further detail, if you did not write the lyrics and melody etc, i.e., the “composition”; you may “NOT” monetize this content by way of Sponsorfunding℠. There are no exceptions to this rule. Lastly, you do “NOT ” have to copyright/register your original music prior to monetizing it by way of Sponsorfunding℠.

15. May I monetize Gaming content I do not own the rights to; similar to the Twitch© platform?

Please read carefully… Simple (watch me play) gaming, also known as gameplay type content is “NOT” eligible for monetization by way of Sponsorfunding℠; as in this case you the Creator are “NOT” the primary entertainment value; the game is. You however are allowed to monetize Games and Gaming product(s) content of a subjective reviewing, analysis, discussion, or tutorial nature. There are no exceptions to this rule.

16. May I monetize “reactions” to video content I do not own the rights to?

Please read carefully… Simple, (watch me watch something and react to it), content is “NOT” eligible for monetization by way of Sponsorfunding℠; as in this case you the Creator are “NOT” the primary entertainment value. You however are allowed to monetize reaction content of a subjective reviewing, analysis, discussion, or tutorial nature. There are no exceptions to this rule.

17. May I monetize explicit “mature or adult” video content similar to Justfor.Fans© or Onlyfans©?

No. You are not allowed to monetize explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying. Attempting to monetize such pornography may result in content seizure, and your creator’s account channel terminated and permanently banned. We value the safety of our Creators and advertising sponsors. We look to each of you to help us protect this unique and vibrant community. #seesomethingsaysomething

18. To help promote my ad campaign offer, may I create dynamic and engaging thumbnails for my introduction video?  

Yes! You may also upload multiple images to support your ad campaign offer. Please be sure your thumbnails are indeed representative of your creative content that you produce… Remember, no one likes “clickbait”.

19. May I pause or put my ad campaign offer page on hold?  

Yes! If you need a break to catch up, or if you want to take days off from producing content; pausing your ad campaign is really easy to do. Pausing your ad campaign will remove visibility of your ad campaign from all searches. When you’re ready to return, your campaign will return within 15 minutes after you reactivate it.

20. What happens if I don’t like the sponsorship content that is offered to me? Can I decline it??  

Yes! Each sponsorship proposal requires you to confirm your interest and agree to do the content being spliced within your content. Your Sponsor should include a copy of their pre-roll within the first notification. If you’re not feeling it, that’s fine. You’re only ever obliged to produce content for a deal you agree to.

21. How and when will I receive payment for my sponsorships?

Creators are securely paid by way of a Paypal account. VamVam’s payout schedule is bi-monthly; accordingly, the 1st and 15th of each month.

Still have questions? Want to know more? Issues? You may kindly reach us at support@vamvam.email

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