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I’ve been sponsored… Now what?

Congratulations Creator, you’ve received a sponsorship! Depending on your preferences in your account settings, you will receive a push notification and/or an email every time you receive a sponsorship.  Please follow the next steps to ensure an optimal sponsorship experience for both you and your Sponsor (while we realize the below instructions may seem obvious and perhaps redundant to some; nonetheless, it is important that every VamVam Creator receive the same instructional tools to succeed).
1.  Once you have successfully logged into your Creator’s campaign menu, click dashboard. On the top right-hand side of the page, you can see all your active orders.

2.  To view the details of each order, click View. You will then see the Order Page. Here, you can see all the details relating to the order, including the order number, the Sponsors’s information, and history, the date, and time of the expected delivery, and so on.

3.  If you would like to add a private note to the order, be sure to click on Add note. Here, you can write specific details or tasks related to this order. 

4.  In the Order Requirements section, click Show requirements to display the information you require from your Sponsor to start working on their ad campaign; including an attached file of the advertsing Sponsor’s promo for you to now download.

5.  Using the message box, you can may write to your Sponsor requesting additional information required or just to let them know that you are working on the order.  

6.  Once you download the promo, assumedly you already have new video content you are starting, and/or readying for final edit completion, and eventual debut to your audience. Tip: In final edit, you should continue your typical used approach when crafting your video’s teaser (subject matter) intro. Next after the teaser, you’ll include your warm introduction of your Sponsor, followed by the edit insert their short promo.  You are welcome to say the name of your Sponsor. However, it’s very important to note; please do NOT speak in detail about the brand, product or service as if you’re endorsing it; as that would be considered influencer, testimonial or promotional marketing; and that’s NOT the purpose of your sponsorship. Remember, the Advertiser has already created their promo to best represent their brand, product or service. The purpose of “YOUR” sponsorship is to help your Sponsor’s promo be seen by as many people as possible. After the promo section of your video, simply create a “return” at which you continue your main primary viewing content (subject matter that you previously teased)… Think of it as the part where you finally give your audience what they came to view. Tip: It is strongly suggested that you use your favorite smooth transition technique into and out of the Sponsor’s promo: See below example of a Creator’s teaser (subject matter), Sponsor intro, outro and return to content (subject matter). 

7. Once your video content is complete and ready for upload debuting to your audience, it is strongly recommended that that you first upload your video to Kookloo, then share your video from the Kookloo platform. Why: FAQ #7

8. Delivery to Sponsor: return to your order within the VamVam platform, choose delivery; and simply include the Kookloo, or other primary social link where your Sponsor may now view your newly completed video with their ad promo now spliced within. You are also welcome to include and final “thank you” for sponsorship and/or closing notes. It is then anticipated that your Sponsor will respond with approval of your delivery, and simply accept and close the ad campaign order. Payment for the completed sponsorship will be available for view within your accounts dashboard, and dispensed automatically to your Paypal account.  VamVam’s payout schedule is bi-monthly; accordingly, the 1st and 15th of each month.

Still have questions? Want to know more? Issues? You may kindly reach us at support@vamvam.email

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