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Quick start guide

Important* First time visiting Creators must start at completion of mandatory Creator’s Story intake here; as your new VamVam account will NOT be allowed monetization without completion of such form.

Welcome to VamVam!

VamVam is the world’s first video advertising marketplace (VAM)… As a VamVam Creator, you are now considered a “freelancer” Creator that names their own price and sells permanent spliced-in advertisement space to your forthcoming debuting video content; and as such, you may monetize your video content when you share your creative skills with an advertising Sponsor buyer community… It’s called Sponsorfunding℠!  Whether you make daily, sports, personal, travel, business, or comedic content; shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, etc; VamVam is the place for you to earn income and sustain your creativity. Below, you can find great tips to start monetizing your content on VamVam.



What is it? VamVam’s Sponsorfunding℠ is a new modern way for you to be compensated by a brand Sponsor and self-monetize your video content. However, VamVam’s Sponsorfunding℠ is different… Unlike Influencer, Spokesperson or Testimonial type marketplaces where you are expected to discuss, promote or even craft your content around a brand, VamVam’s Sponsorfunding℠ allows you to “return” to creating engaging content about “yourself”; and not a brand. Brands have already gone to great detail and expense to create their short promotional content, your job is merely to help the brand garner views for that promotional content. Introduce it, splice it in to one of your forthcoming “new” debuting videos, and share that video as you normally do… That’s it! See below example of a completed sponsorfunded sponsorship. 

Making a VamVam account.

Ready to offer your Creator’s hustle to a potential advertising Sponsor?  You’ll have to set up your VamVam account first to kickstart your self-monetizing journey. We’ve made getting started with VamVam as easy as possible so you can start making an impact right away with your top-notch content. To create an account, all you’ll need to do is enter your email, desired username, phone number, and password on our registration page here:


Still have questions? Want to know more? Issues? You may kindly reach us at support@vamvam.email

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