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Sponsor a Creator

Discover Creators to help you promote.

We recognize one size fits all promotion does not work for everyone. Tap our diverse collection of Creator types waiting to take your brand’s story further. You can refine and filter your search by type, price, subject, delivery time, and even location. Even if you are just visiting VamVam and not logged in — One discovery could change your business forever!

Paying for a Creator’s ad campaign.

  • Easily preview Creators within the marketplace. Once you have found the ad Campaign offer and Creator service that you would like to order, click the Creators campaign, and their actual ad campaign purchase page will then fully realize… here is where you may gather further details about your chosen Creator and their ad campaign before ultimately sponsoring them and purchasing such ad campaign.
  • You will also have the option to edit your sponsorship and custom add any available extras to your ad campaign, and view the Creator’s requirements and preferences.
  • Once you’ve customized your ad campaign, click Sponsor now. You will be redirected to the payment options page, where you can select your preferred payment method. On the right side of the page, you will see the breakdown of the ad campaign’s price, any applicable taxes, and fees.
  • Click confirm & pay and your order will be processed, you will be charged, and the order page and chat message log will be created.
  • Don’t have a pre-roll ad asset? We’ve partnered with Fiverr! Create pre-roll ad assets starting at just $5 bucks!

Upload your branded content.

  • Introduce yourself here and upload your required branded assets for the Creator to review.
  • So as to insure an ideal VamVam customer shopping and delivery experience, it is important to note, your order will be pending until the Creator confirms it. Your Creator is allotted 24 hours to confirm and accept your order. Orders not accepted by Creators will be cancelled automatically, and you will be notified and refunded promptly.
  • Once a Creator accepts your order, your you will be notified by way of email, and the completion countdown timer is now activated and visible to both Creator and Sponsor.
  • Communication within the order’s chat message log is key here, as you can exchange relevant files and information. Communicate ideas, receive files and share feedback all from the same space.
  • Upload your already made pre-roll advertisement asset, and the Creator will handle the rest.


When an ad campaign is marked as Delivered, it means the Creator has sent a delivery message for the advertising Sponsor(buyer) to review. The advertising Sponsor(buyer) can “accept” the delivery with feedback, or request revisions to be made to the ad campaign. 

  • You may leave feedback on the order through the review/rate tab. All feedback messages are displayed on the Creator’s page. You can also choose to not rate the order if you don’t wish to do so.
  • If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the delivery, or you need changes to be done, you can “deny” and reject the delivery by requesting revisions.  This will pause the order and allow the Creator time to follow up with a new revised delivery. Communicate the changes you require as clearly as possible. Keep in mind that revisions must be requested within three days of the delivery or the order will be automatically marked as Completed.

Note: Ad campaigns will be marked as complete 3 days after the are delivered if the advertising Sponsor(buyer) doesn’t request revisions or complete the order and/or add feedback.


When an order is in Revision it means the advertising Sponsor(buyer) requires the Creator to revise the ad campaign’s delivery to fit the requirements sent. The Creator is prompted to deliver again and both users are encouraged to communicate within the chat message log page to sort out any issues with the delivery. 

  • As the advertising Sponsor(buyer), you will see a message to indicate that revisions were requested to the Creator on the progress bar.  The order is paused and the funds are held by VamVam until the order is marked as “completed.” If the seller is unresponsive, you can always use the Resolution Center to request an order update from the Creator. Once an ad campaign is complete, and re-delivered, the Creator will mark the ad campaign as delivered, and you will again be notified by way email. Within the chat message log page, scroll down to find the new delivery message, and you will again have the option to accept delivery.

If you are pleased and ready to accept it, click Yes to Approve the Final Delivery
Clicking No will provide you with options on what is needed to be revised on your delivery, along with a text box to explain further.


Once you’re totally happy with the ad campaign delivery, funds will be delivered to your sponsored Creator. Until such time, VamVam keeps your money safe (in escrow).

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